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Where Class Meets Top Tier Quality

Bella Chauni


                   THE TRUTH

BELLA CHAUNI is born and bred out of the need for quality. We like our formulas like we like our people: real, honest, safe, cruelty-free, and of course ethically sourced. We believe in being transparent, NO confusion, NO crap, just products that speak for themselves. Let’s get to it. 

"If you can’t pronounce it, don’t use it” but that mantra is played out. We are not here to scare you, our aim is to say the truth. Bella Chauni Pretty Rooted Hair Care, is as natural and organic as it gets, Glowry Beaute is as natural as you need us to be.

Our preservatives are healthy and eco friendly. We use surfactants, but we get as far away from sulfates as you can get. We don’t even use silicone, wether it will wash out or not. 


Cold Pressed oils are pure and authentic, which means they are high performance oils. There are oils that sit on the hair shaft and prevent moisture from penetrating the hair strands. If no moisture is getting in your hair becomes thirsty & dry, therefore it will be brittle.

We source our oils worldwide from Africa to South East Asia and South America. 









We prefer to get results without using the aforementioned, it’s easier on the skin & Hair. It’s not about looking fabulous at the cost of adverse reactions.

Are our Beauty Products "Natural"?

While it would be easy to give a blanket but vague "yes" as an answer, we prefer to be open about that fact that while a large portion of our ingredients are what you would expect when you think of natural, there are also a number which are nature derived (meaning they are taken from nature but processed using chemical methods) and nature identical (meaning they are synthetic but identical in chemical structure to a natural one). We want you as the consumer to be in charge of deciding what version of natural best suits you. 


We can’t lie just to make money, we pride our brand in honesty and transparency, and we know that as our customers you can handle the truth:


Our brand is built on a solid foundation of high vibrations and good vibes. We never test on animals all our formulations are vegan and cruelty free, so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin (and your conscience). 


We like to play it both ways - powered by botanicals, we use natural ingredients and those that have been derived from them. Natural ingredients come straight from the source, like a true nature's gift, while naturally derived ingredients have been given a little boost for functionality, for example Eco friendly raw materials.


Are our Hair Care Products "Organic & Natural"?

We source natural and organic raw materials on a global scale, we ensure that the suppliers understand our need for premium, authentic quality.  Our oils are cold pressed and raw to the core, that’s even the main reason our formulas are so effective. All our plant butters are sourced from the countries that have the real drop on the authentic, clean & pure crème de la crème goodness. We source stuff as far as Mali. Only the best for our babes.

While those are 100% Natural & Organic, when formulating we use added materials that needs to be stable so this sometimes are naturally derived. Our labels are correct so you can always refer to them or our extensive product descriptions.
We aim for constant progress not perfection, ughhh that’s a tad bit rough, but we try lol.
We hope you continue to enjoy all our hair and beauty products. The Real Top Tier Quality.