Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

10 Tips to keep your hair looking fabulous all winter.

If you live in a place where winter weather exists, then you're likely all too familiar with the effects that dry and cold winter air conditions can have on your hair. We're talking dryness, static, and general lack of that luscious, smooth, shiny summer hair.

1. Goodbye Frizz

Temperatures can readily do a number on our soft and moisturized hair. The variation in temperature i.e. cold air outside and central heat indoors can strip away moisture from the strands and pores of our hair making them rough and dry. keep it at bay

  • Keep it cool
Bath with hot water feels great during a cold day but this can strip the moisture from your hair. Always use luke warm water to wash your hair. Long exposure to hot water will make your hair dry, rough or brittle.
  • Dry your hair right
Always air dry your hair and ensure it is done properly. Along with the dryness, your hair may suffer from dandruff, excessive shedding, split ends etc. 


2.  Use Lukewarm Water For Hair

DO NOT use hot water for washing your hair. This helps close the cuticles of your hair strands, sealing in the moisture. Closed cuticles prevent dirt to enter and also shield the scalp from pollution.


3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

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We love the moisture. Add a lightweight hair oil to your winter hair care routine to combat dryness effectively. Apply few drops of a nourishing hair oil at the ends every day to help replenish your hair during the winter with the moisture that it needs, preventing it from breakage, and leaving it soft and shiny. \


4. The LOC Method


For moisture that will last all week, the LOC method is undeafeated when styling your hair. It consists of a leave-in conditioner to hydrate, an oil to seal the moisture, and a cream to define. This trio is a triple threat when it comes to combating winter dryness!

Our winning combination is the Creme of nature leave-in conditioner, Mane Squeeze Hair Buttah, Hair Growth Oil


5. Steam Your Hair

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We made an insta story post a few days ago about hair steaming and so many people reached out to us needing more information.

Our hair is prone to harmful elements that might cause it to dry and become brittle. This can also lead to breakage of the hair. A steam treatment is done to open the hair follicles so the product ingredients can successfully penetrate the shaft. Not only is the treatment great for your locks, but it’s also very relaxing. This process also allows better absorption of moisture to your scalp.

Here are added benefits of steaming your hair:

  • Reduces dandruff
  • Improves Hair Elasticity
  • Improves hair scalp
  • Lift the Hair Cuticles
  • Enhances Moisture Retention

6. Sleep In satin Babee

Healthy hair does not stop at conditioning or steaming, when you are going to bed ensure it is still protected. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can be damaging for your hair, causing unwanted breakage. Instead, sleep in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase every night to prevent  dryness. This will also keep your hair looking fresh throughout the week.

  • Healthier hair- Say goodbye to split ends! Sleeping with a satin cap means no more split ends. It protects your hair from the dryness caused by friction between your hair and moisture-absorbing materials such as cotton. This also helps to greatly reduce breakage, tangles and thinning.
  • Better Looking Hair - If you have curly or wavy hair, you know that sleep can cause a serious mess! Sleeping on satin helps keep the curls’ shape and style without causing kinks and bumps. No more poofiness.
  • Hydrated Hair - Sleeping on cotton is known to dry out your hair from root to tips, satin helps keep it fresh.

7. No more dryness

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Read the ingredients list before you buy and use on your beautiful hair. I once used a shampoo and conditioner set that tore my hair out omg when i saw the ingredients  i was shocked out my mind. i nearly cried. Don't let that be you. Many hair products include ingredients that strip away  oils and moisture out of your hair, which your hair can’t afford to lose especially in the winter.


8. Deep Condition

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The more the merrier, deep conditioning s penetrating every strand with moisture and nutrients. As long as you use a deep conditioner with all natural ingredients you are good.

9. Less Heat Sis

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Give the flat irons and curling wands a break, and if you must use the blow dryer and keep it on the cool setting for the season. These tools take moisture out of your hair, a process already accelerated by the wind and dry air outside. 


10. Use protective styles

Braid your hair, wear a wig twist it out or rock a pony tail winter is NOT the time to do a wash and go everyday. Wind and cold/dry air will suck moisture out of your hair, leaving it brittle, weaker, and more prone to breakage. 


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