Scalp Care

Scalp Care

Your hair is a part of your beauty take care of it.

When it comes to skin and hair we tend to do the most with investing in top quality products, but we forget our beautiful strands. Good hair is by consistently caring it to be much better, your scalp is the main  character. 

Itchiness, soreness and breakage, can be as a result of little to no scalp care. To the naked eye bad scalp can look like faded curls, dry and brittle hair.

  Simply put, taking care of your scalp will help you to dodge conditions such as hair loss, dandruff and excess oil buildup. This doesn’t just affects your scalp but also your ability to create a good style.


How To Care For Your Scalp?

Never forget, it’s hair and skin always. Taking care of your hair has the same rules as skin, just with different terms but they really mean the same. Remove dirt, treat your scalp.

If you have a dry scalp, its due to the skin getting irritated and flakes off because it doesn’t have enough oil and moisture. People with dry skin are also prone to dry scalp and both problems are usually caused by the same factors, such as genetic predisposition, dry air, excessive washing, and age.

Tip: Wash with a gentle, moisturizing shampoo, followed by a moisturizing conditioner. Try to shampoo your hair less frequently and use warm water instead of hot water.

People who are probed to oily hair are usually have fine, straight hair, oil glands goes right down to the tip of the hair and it's going to make it oilier. However, if you have kinky, curly hair, the oil glands makes its way down that tight coil and that hair tends to be a little bit drier.

Tip: The first step to care for your oily is to shampoo more frequently with gentle shampoos rather than clarifying. Meaning, use a clarifying shampoo less. Also, scalp exfoliators containing physical exfoliants like sea salt work great to remove the debris and buildup that often accumulate on an oily scalp.



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