Raw Indian Hair

Raw Indian Hair

How to care Raw Indian Hair

Raw Indian Hair is one of the most luxurious hair you can ever own, it needs attention and care. Here are some tips to keep your bundles glam.


You need to get a good lather when shampooing,if not it means there is a lot of product buildup in it. Wash away that shampoo & start the process over again.
Ensure you are using a moisturizing,clarifying shampoo.
Condition then spritz in your leave in conditioner & evenly distribute with a brush or your fingers.
Use the oils on the ends.


Shampoo and condition hair weekly using warm water. Cleansing the hair once a week will prevent dirt and sweat build-up and as a result prevent tangling. After cleanse, apply leave-in conditioner at ends of hair, working upwards towards roots.



Make sure to gently comb Raw Indian hair after each wash and every day. When detangling the hair, begin at the ends and work up little by little to the roots. Keep a spray bottle handy to keep hair moist, easing the process and minimizing breakage.


It is important to let the extensions air dry and if a blow-dryer is necessary, keep setting on cool. The heat from a blow dryer can damage the hair and even shorten the life-span. To prevent tangling while air drying, section and plait hair into large braids.
Avoiding Dry Ends
Use the Silk Shot serum right after cleanse to combat heat and split ends while helping leaving your hair with a luminous shine. This method works as a protective coat on hair, preventing water from evaporating, thus helping to keep it hydrated, soft, and healthy.


Co-wash before the first wear 
Shampoo & condition weekly.
Sleep on satin pillowcase or use satin/silk bonnet. 
Comb hair daily 
Braid hair or put in ponytail for bed


Blow dry on high heat
Sleep on wet hair
Use heavy leave-in conditioners 
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