Raw Cambodian Hair

Raw Cambodian Hair

We are always answering questions on our Raw Hair so we are giving you the full 411 on different hairs starting with Raw Cambodian.

Why Raw Cambodian Hair?

Raw Hair in general is very hard to mimic, especially if you know hair, it's easy to tell.

Raw Cambodian hair is very pure and authentic if you truly appreciate good hair you will agree with us. It is low luster and very maintainable, it is ONLY available in two main patterns: Natural Straight and Natural Wavy. The other pattern is Curly BUT it is extremely RARE.

There is no body wave, deep wave and all those textures in RAW Cambodian hair.

They are so beautiful and soft, if you go raw you never go back.


Is Raw Cambodian Hair good?


Try our Raw Cambodian Wavy hair and you will fall in love. It is very pure and it is unprocessed so yes it is all that and then some. It lasts 1-3/4yrs with care.


Can it be curled?
Yes it can be curled and believe us, it's a whole vibe.
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