Raw Burmese Hair

Raw Burmese Hair

Raw Burmese Hair is one of those hair types that are so versatile and easy to work with. It has such a beautiful pattern its curly/wavy and oh so gorgeous.

 Your Style

You only need two bundles for a simple classy look, remember the hair is thick.

If you want a voluminous style then three bundles is your ideal number.

How to care Burmese Curly Hair?

  • Wash the hair at least once every 2-3 weeks, using moisture rich products such as our Pretty Rooted Wash set
  • Comb the hair with our Pretty Rooted Hair Brush or wide tooth comb, while starting from the ends to the roots.
  • Avoid alcohol based products.
  • Avoid heavy oils.
  • When going to bed, section the hair in quadrants.
  • Spray hair with our Pretty Rooted Bonding oil or Pretty Rooted Flora Sheen as a hair protector.
  • Separate the hair, and braid or twist into two parts after moisturizing it.
  • Plait the hair and wrap in a scarf or a bonnet.


** It is also recommended to use natural hair care products  instead of hair care products containing harsh chemicals.

** Use a heat protectant if you decide to blow-dry, curl or straighten the hair.


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