LACE CLOSURE AND LACE FRONTAL, is there a difference?

LACE CLOSURE AND LACE FRONTAL, is there a difference?

          What you Should Know

The big debate with lace closures and lace frontals is ongoing, but if you are a lace babe you already know the deal. There are laces, and there are top tier laces by size and quality. 

Lace hair products is said to give a natural look at the perimeter of your hair ( laces come close but believe you can still see the lace, that’s just the truth). The main thing with lace products is that it gives a proper protective style, we all love that.  

Lace closure especially with full parting space is ever trending and growing. It’s a whole mood!

Come let us show you around lace, by the end of reading you will be able to identify the best lace color and size you will fall in love with our luxury laces.

Best Types of lace

Hd Lace, Transparent lace are the best lace around, here’s why, transparent lace is thicker and more durable but HD is more fine and fragile. Whilst the transparent lace lasts longer and can be “melted” well,  it doesn’t give the “melted in skin” look as the HD which is the melted boss of laces. The con of this babe is that you get a shorter wear time with it, if you apply using adhesive, so go glue-less.

What should you choose? 
The one that will go with the look you are going for. 

Closure or Frontal?

Whilst closures come in different sizes, here are the best of the best: 5x5, 6x6, 7x7.

Its exactly that, with each, the parting space only gets better for each, the 6x6 is even comparable to lace frontal. This is why we only offer 5x5 closure and 13x6 frontals.

Closures are definitely less maintenance and that’s why they are our best sellers. Its versatile because you can get your side part and middle part just the same. If you have an occasion and want to be the talk of the room, continue reading.

Bella Chauni believes in quality, we stand on that, so we only offer the best, full frontals in transparent and HD Lace! Your parting space is full on the sides and the top, you know what that means? Your style will look bomb!!

There is the 13x4 lace frontal, but it’s no where as full on the lace or beautiful as the 13x6.

Yes it’s maintenance, but as fab ladies, we don’t mind. If you want a seamless look, grab any of these. 

Our 13x6 full frontal lace wigs are made with transparent or hd lace that is convenient for on the go.



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