How To ReFresh Your Curls

How To ReFresh Your Curls

Obsessed with my 4c curly hair.

While curly hair care isn’t the same for everyone it does vary based on curl pattern. Once you identify what hair type you have it will help you better to understand how to treat and care for your curls. In reality, most people with curly hair will tell you that they have a few different curl types on their head, like I do.




ReFresh Your Curls

Step 1:

Section your hair into 4 parts and detangle completely using a good brush such as the Pretty Rooted Hair Brush . You want to ensure all of your curls are completely brushed out.


Step 2:

Use the Pretty Rooted Hair ReFresher, section Hair, saturate.

Step 3:

Use the  Pretty Rooted Hair Brush, starting from the ends to the root, Repeat step 3 on all sections. You may also apply Pretty Rooted Bonding Oil  or Pretty Rooted Hair Soufflé in this step.

Step 4:

Scrunch each section to prevent excess product from dripping.

Step 5:

With your hair still in sections, use a blowdryer with a diffuser head to dry the hair until it is at least 60% dry. The diffuser head helps to prevent frizz.

Step 6:

Let your strands be free, While you curls are drying, you never want to touch or run your fingers through it. Just let it air dry.


Protect Your Style

Hair bonnets are a great way to protect your curls overnight in order to help them maintain their shape while you’re sleeping. The best material for a hair bonnet? You guessed it, silk! are great for curly hair because they retain moisture and increase the chances of your curls maintaining their shape after dark.

It’s also important you find a bonnet that will maintain its shape overnight. You can look for bonnets with adjustable ties that you can use to fit your head shape, or try a few options to find one that will stay put while you sleep. 

Use our Pretty Rooted Hair RePhresher to love on your strands.

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