How To Measure Your Head For A Wig

How To Measure Your Head For A Wig

Wearing a beautiful wig is nothing short of wearing a work of art. These masterpieces of hair craftsmanship are a testament to the meticulous artistry that goes into their design, creation, and placement. It's a multifaceted process that results in a diverse array of wigs, each with its unique charm and purpose. This diversity is a blessing because it means there's a perfect wig out there for everyone, capable of making you shine in a distinct and exceptional way.

The world of wigs is a captivating one, where every detail matters. From the choice of hair material, be it human or synthetic, to the intricate construction techniques, and the artful coloring and styling – it's a realm where creativity knows no bounds. It's a world where you can transform your look effortlessly, stepping into different roles and personas, or simply enhancing your natural beauty.

However, this wealth of options also means that there are several factors to consider when purchasing a wig. The style, color, length, and cap construction all play a vital role in finding the wig that perfectly suits your taste and needs. Are you looking for a bold change or just a subtle enhancement? Do you desire the feel of human hair or the versatility of synthetic fibers? Are you seeking a wig for a special occasion or everyday wear? These are just a few of the questions that need answering on your wig-buying journey.

In essence, the world of wigs is a world of endless possibilities, where you have the power to curate your own unique style and express yourself in ways you never thought possible. So, embrace the artistry, consider the details, and embark on a journey to discover the perfect wig that will not only adorn your head but also uplift your spirit, confidence, and individuality.


FRONT TO NAPE: The second vital measurement is from the front of your hairline to the nape of your neck, often referred to as the "front to nape" measurement. Begin by placing the measuring tape at the same spot on your forehead as you did for the circumference measurement. It's crucial that your hair lies as flat as possible during this measurement, whether in cornrows or parted down the middle and secured into two ponytails. This allows your scalp to form a straight line. Pull the measuring tape straight back down the center to the nape of your neck, where your scalp ends at the base of your head. This measurement ensures the length of the wig matches your natural head shape.
EAR TOP TO EAR TOP:  The sixth and final measurement involves the distance from one ear top to the other. This measurement accounts for the varying shapes of individuals' heads. Whether you have a rounded skull or a flatter top, this measurement ensures the wig fits securely over the head without bunching up in the middle or falling short near the ears.

HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE: The first crucial measurement in the world of wigs is the head circumference. This measurement is taken along the natural hairline. To capture it accurately, place the end of the measuring tape right at the center of the forehead, either at the hairline or just below it. If you prefer to wear your wig slightly lower, measure from where you'd like it to sit on your forehead. Gently pull the measuring tape around behind your ears, down to the nape of your neck, near where your scalp meets the base of your head, and then back up around the other side to meet at the center of your forehead. This measurement ensures a snug and comfortable fit.

TEMPLE TO TEMPLE: The third measurement is from one temple to the other. Start by placing the measuring tape against the hairline at one temple and stretch it gently around the back of your head to meet the hairline at the other temple. It's essential to maintain a straight line around the largest part of your head, avoiding going over the top or around the bottom at the nape of your neck.

LENGTH OF NAPE: The fourth measurement is relatively straightforward. It's the length of the hairline at the nape of your neck, which forms a curved line at the base of your head. To measure, simply place the measuring tape at one side where the hairline curves upward toward the ears and measure to the other side where it does the same. On average, most individuals have a nape measurement of around four inches.

EAR TO EAR: The fifth measurement holds particular significance for frontal wigs. Measure this one twice to ensure accuracy. It gauges the hairline from one ear to the other. To do this, place the end of the measuring tape where the top of one ear connects to your head, gently stretch it up the hairline, along your forehead, and down to the same point on the other ear. This measurement is essential to ensure the frontal wig fits seamlessly.

Pro-tip: If you plan to go glueless, subtract one inch from the "ear to ear" measurement to guarantee a perfect fit. These comprehensive measurements ensure your wig is tailored precisely to your unique head shape, providing both comfort and style.

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