How To Make Your Silk Press Last

How To Make Your Silk Press Last


What is a silk press?

A silk press is a non-chemical straightening technique where the hair is washed and cleansed, blown out, and then “pressed” with a flat iron. The process gives the hair a smooth and silky finish.

A silk press is never completely done without the use of a thermal products to complete the smoothing process. While some blowouts on straight or wavy hair can be done with just a round brush and a blow dryer a proper silk press needs the second thermal session to achieve their smoothest look.

             Maintain Your Silk Press

Sis, make that Silk press last up to 14 days the most. I’m guessing you are wondering how to do that, keep reading.

One way to make sure your straight style lasts as long as possible is to get it as straight as possible from the start. 


Secure your style with a wrap, it’s not a cake mix but it can be done. Use bobbi pins or large clips to keep the hair in place all round. On top of that use a breathable mesh cap to cover your head, or use the mesh cap only. Another good way to keep it is to use a large silk head scarf. This material also protects your hair from the drying nature of cotton pillowcases, as it enables the hair to keep its natural oils and prevents frizz and dehydration.

2. Avoid Water Based Styling Products 

To keep your hair shiny and beautiful between heat treatments, use more moisture to your routine. Look for lightweight conditioning oils like the Pretty Rooted Flora Sheen Nourishing Oil, which will keep your strands hydrated and glossy without weighing them down and taking away from that bouncy look.


3. Avoid Water 

Keep your hair away from water, steam or sweat as it will revert back to its natural curl so secure it well while showering. When taking a shower, ensure that your hair is properly wrapped up in a satin scarf and top the satin scarf with a shower cap.

4. Less Heat

You don’t want heat damage to your beautiful hair, keep reapplying heat at home by sectioning to pass through each section one time, only once a week. Use the flat iron on the lowest heat setting and do not flat iron right before bed.

5. Versatility

Yes you can switch up your straight hair do and add some curls. Flexi rods will never fail your curls or waves. 

6. Split Ends

Split and dead ends are hard to maintain, especially in a silk press. They become more visible and easily tangled. Be sure to ask your hairstylist to get a trim next time to maintain the health of your hair.

You need to go to a natural-hair specialist who can really get it very straight the first time.

Grab our Bonding Oil as your best heat protectant.

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