How to Care Lace wigs

How to Care Lace wigs

Lace  Wigs are fragile, here's how to take proper care of your glam.


Gently comb the hair with a comb can be wide tooth comb, then brush with a paddle brush starting from ends to weft. even though the hair is tied to the lace material it still needs to be handled with proper care.


Submerge your wig in lukewarm water with enough shampoo too penetrate the strands. Wash hair without twisting and wringing.

To condition, ensure your warm water is ready, saturate hair with moisture rich conditioner, submerge wig into water for 10-25mins. Use cold water to rinse so the moisture can lock into the hair.

Use a towel to blot the hair and let it air dry.



Before going to bed, brush your hair and use a satin material to cover your head. Satin material protects your hair as it doesn't trap moisture as cotton.


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