Dare To Be Different

Everybody sells hair! 

Yes but we give the lifestyle.

We choose to be different from every other brand, from product quality to the over all experience.

Being different simply means being courageous enough to not follow the crowd, it means doing what’s right even if you are being mocked.


We Dare To Be Different because what society says “beauty” is, that is NOT what we resonate with.

A little on our brand….

We have been very transparent from the start, we source our Raw Hairs from the point of origins to preserve the authenticity of the product. Our hairs are not the basic one week wear, tangle, matting hair floating around in the market, they are cremé de la cremé  top tier.

  We went on to reformulate our handmade hair growth oil & hair buttah which has been best sellers from the get go. Our Edge Slay Pomade is made fresh every single week, the hair conditioner is also handmade by us.

We recently added a face mist and a face cleansing oil.


Why did we add the latter?

The beauty community will show several videos on putting on makeup but only one on removing it. We have realized that not many makeup artists, influencers or even makeup enthusiasts expresses the Importance  of  skin cleansing to their clients.

Recently I purchased a matte lipstick from a well known beauty brand,upon applying I was wondering why my lips were feeling so tightened. I thought it’s just the process, fast forward to an hour after, my lips were suffocating so of course I tried getting it off.

It was like glue on my lips, it wouldn’t move, I had to use soap, yes soap to wash it off. Never again!! 

Oh and my lips were black after (it went away after a few hours).

That was when I knew I needed to do some research on removing makeup the proper way. 

I have sensitive dry skin so everything on the market is not for me. After weeks of researching and testing, finally….

Our Deep Cleansing Facial Oil ingredients came alive & producing results.

🌱It doubles as a good moisturizer.

🌱Best in doubling cleansing.

🌱It will never clog your pores.

🌱It is sensitive skin friendly.

🌱Acne friendly.


Dare to be different and create a routine for your skin, the added benefit is that your makeup will lay even better.


Yes we know there are several makeup wipes out there to choose from but there are no added benefits to your skin. Get to knots your skin toes and what it requires to be fully cleansed.

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