Brow Pomades

Brow Pomades

Full pigment and waterproof, just the way we like that.

Brow Pomades are the secret to the real glam look busting down on social media.

A brow pomade thickens, shapes, and fill in the brows for a more natural look. It's super easy to apply and is very versatile for creating your look..

Why We Love It

Switch up your lookThose with very sparse brows and looking for a quick way to fill them in will love a pomade. For those with brows on the thicker side, a pomade will make them more powerful,


How to use it:

Dip an angled brush with short, stiff bristles inot the pomade before tapping it against the back of your hand like a palette. Brush it on with light, short strokes, beginning at the center of your brow. Then, use a spoolie to soften the edges, while creating the look you want.

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