4c Hair Guide

4c Hair Guide

4C hair is one of the hair type is the kinkiest hair texture of all hair types, it is very tightly curled, shrinkage occurs the most. Each head of hair is different some people with this hair will have some curls and others may not. This tightly curly hair texture is also known to be a very delicate hair type, it can be of a fine texture or it can be coarse. This hair type is sometimes very prone to breakage if not cared for properly. The hair strands are curled in very tight z-patterns, sometimes barely noticeable. It comes in different densities and porosity levels.

  • 4c hair is very delicate and breaks easily.
  • 4c hair doesn’t retain moisture easily and dries out quickly, more so than other looser curl patterns.
  • 4c hair is vulnerable to tangling and matting, if not properly taken care of.
  • 4c hair is prone to a fair amount of shrinkage to 75%. 


1. Use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Don’t use a shampoo that contains sulfates and alternate between washing your hair with a conditioner and a sulfate-free shampoo. Cleansing your hair and scalp regularly with a sulfate-free shampoo will keep your hair free of product build-up and other debris. You should always wash your hair in small sections to minimise tangling as much as possible. Another great way to minimise tangling is to pre-poo your hair before you start your wash day. Coat your hair with an oil or conditioner and gently untangle your hair with your fingers, before you jump into the shower. 

It takes a lot to detangle tightly textured hair. Using a pre-poo before shampooing the hair will prepare your hair for the tension of shampooing.


2. Deep condition regularly.

Deep conditioning should be a part of your wash-day regimen each time you wash your hair. 4C hair thrives when deep conditioned regularly. It loves a good deep conditioning! try to do that weekly and do a hot oil treatment right after to seal in the moisture. Use a thick deep conditioner to keep your kinks healthy and shiny. Deep conditioning consistently will help keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and shiny. It will also help to prevent tangling of the hair to improve your detangling sessions.

3. Moisturize often.

Tightly curly hair gets dry quickly. Make sure that you are moisturizing your hair regularly to prevent breakage. The tight kinks in 4c hair prevent the flow of sebum through the hair. You need a good moisturiser, that caters specifically to kinky hair. These moisturisers are often thicker than regular moisturisers.The tight curl pattern of 4C hair can prevent the distribution of your hair’s natural oils that are produced by your scalp. Kinky textured hair can dry out faster than other curl patterns. The LOC method is a great way to keep your hair moisturized. This technique will help you seal in moisture using a leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream. 


Split ends will happen over time you may desire longer hair but holding on to dead ends hurts more than it helps. The split travels further up the hair shaft and you will be left having to cut off even more. Give special attention to your ends regularly so that you minimise split ends as much as possible. 


We know silicones are a very sensitive topic but for your 4 c hair, gurl stay away from them. While they may initially have your hair looking shiny and moisturised, in the long run your hair could break a lot more. The reason for this is that silicones coat your hair strands, yet repel water. Water is essential so you don’t want to be stuck wondering what went wrong in the process. There are many great conditioners, moisturisers and creams without silicones, so do your research per your hair type. Healthy hair is possible.


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